la première crêpe.


Every day* it seems that someone asks me when I’m going to bring back my blog.  Well, with my birthday tomorrow, I’ve decided to resurrect my blog, but with a very specific intent.  I like to wake up early and knock about online, and in those early hours before 9am, I send off long emails to friends with whom I engage in protracted, arcane, offensive, silly and mostly friendly internet battles about subjects that run the gamete from fights over matters geopolitical to arguments concerning the complexities of bonobo communities to the myth of SEC superiority.  I like to think of these back-and-forths as my morning mental calisthenics, and as you might expect they’re not always great, because, well, SportsCenter can be distracting and most of my ideas fall in the realm of half-baked.  My morning writings as something like that first crêpe.  For reasons that aren’t really clear to me, that first crêpe is always a bit soggy or somehow gets turned into a ball of doughy crud.  As my sidekick Harrington often reminds me, the French have a saying, “La première crêpe est pour le chien.” (the first pancake is for the dog)  That second one, though, perfect.

So, my dual purpose here is to force myself to cook up that first pancake every day, so that I can move on to more delicious fare, and also to test drive some embryonic ideas that I have knocking about my empty melon so that I can sort through things and develop them at some later date.  I’ll do my best to work out something interesting(ish), but as with all first pancakes, my ideas are at this point likely to be imperfectly formed (and filled with the predictable errors in spelling and grammar).  But, I’ll try to put something up at least three times per week, and I’ll do my best to keep the light-to-heat ratio within reason… considering the source, of course.


Brian & Harrington




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