Fire! (What I’m Smashing On) #1

My weekly collection of the various songs and internet videos that I’ve been smashing on.

  1.  My good friend Noa –a very talented photographer– put me onto her friend who runs I’ll definitely be looking to him in the near future for music and stealing his expertise. A few of his recent reccos that I’m happy to pass along:

Damn, I want a boat now.

If that’s too synth for you, then let me recco a good hip-hop reliable: Dom Kennedy. Feels like West Coast hip-hop from my high school days (in a good way). This one doesn’t have a video yet. Perhaps because his usual video director was recently in Portugal, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Malaysia, Dubai, and Indonesia making some international hip-hop documentary with some bozo wannabe academic.

Probably my favorite Dom Kennedy from last year. (directed by Brandon Lee Stratton)

Also a favorite. (also directed by Brandon Lee Stratton). ‘Sup Baron Davis?



2.     I really dig Adam Curtis. There is sometimes a sense that if you’ve seen one of his documentaries, you’ve seen them all, but I always find myself entertained, I always learn lots of stuff, and I always marvel at the breadth and depth of the BBC video archive. This three-part documentary “Bitter Lake” advances the thesis that Western politicians have become obsessed with turning complex events into simplistic good-versus-evil morality tales because these events defy their dearly held axioms and because these simplified stories make it easier to mobilize public opinion.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.


3.     Something highly personal. Lake Nyos is a volcanic lake that spit out CO2 and killed over 2,000 local residents. Lake Nyos is located quite near to my family’s ancestral home in NW Cameroon. I used to swim in these tropical volcanic lakes as a kid. BBC’s report on what happened:
Part One:

Part Two:

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