A few months back, I started writing a film script.  I had it about halfway done when I arrived in Tokyo last month. Inspired by the ubiquitous culture of comics, manga, and animated characters, I started sketching out storyboards to turn the script into a comic book (or graphic novel, if you’re one of those people). I can’t draw well enough to do it myself, so I found a woman in Mexico City whose style -best described as a sort of graphic magical realism- to do the pictures for me. She’s not available until June, though, so in the meantime I’ve been doing research on how best to use formatting and page layout to tell the story effectively. In the course of my research, I found these comic panels from various websites, most of which are real (two are not). Because I am a simpleton juvenile, they amused me. And, obviously, these comic writers were clearly having a bit of fun.


funnycomic_loisbutt funnycomic_wonderwoman_smart funnycomic_archie Green_Lantern_Telling_it_Like_it_is_Flash_1974_227_15 funnycomic_cagedoommoney jokerboner_8 jokerboner_6 jokerboner_5 jokerboner_4 jokerboner_3 jokerboner_2 jokerboner_1 Screen-shot-2012-08-08-at-1.52.08-PM Screen-shot-2012-08-08-at-1.49.16-PM Screen-shot-2012-08-08-at-1.48.09-PM Screen-shot-2012-08-08-at-1.47.05-PM Screen-shot-2012-08-08-at-1.46.26-PM Screen-shot-2012-08-08-at-1.45.17-PM Screen-shot-2012-08-08-at-1.44.28-PM Screen-shot-2012-08-08-at-1.40.41-PM Screen-shot-2012-08-08-at-1.40.25-PM Screen-shot-2012-08-08-at-1.38.45-PM Screen-shot-2012-08-08-at-1.37.40-PM Screen-shot-2012-08-08-at-1.41.10-PM waitingfordick1 heroic-panel snuh3 wz7Eq comicsvintage.tumblr 5821934989 5393675663 tumblr_lkzfzzi3tO1qajg12o1_400 fuckyeahmikegrizzly jokerboner_7

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